5 Best Odia Vastu Books can be followed in daily lifestyle

Vastu Shastra, also known as Vastu Dharma, is an ancient Indian system of building and design popularly
practiced in India. It is predicated on the idea that places can be made following the natural world and
the rules of the universe, so enhancing human welfare and wealth. The five elements of nature—earth,
water, fire, air, and space—as well as the eight cardinal directions—north, south, east, west, northwest,
northeast, southwest, and southeast—are meant to be balanced within a building or structure to
promote a positive energy flow. The main goal of Vastu Shastra is to create spaces that are in harmony
with nature, that promote well-being, and enhance the quality of life for the people living in them. It
addresses complex issues such as health and harmony, prosperity, longevity, and well-being.
Not only for individuals who are designing their homes or buildings but also for those who are
rearranging their offices and other commercial spaces, there is a tremendous demand for accurate
Vastu literature. Therefore, it is crucial to have a Vastu book nearby that has all the advice and
knowledge regarding Vastu. You can learn about Odia Vastu from a variety of books, but it can be
challenging to choose just one. We'll talk about the top Vastu books in this blog if that's of interest to
1. Sampurna Vastu Shastra:
If you want to learn Vastu Shastra and how to implement it in your life, then this book is a must-
have. It contains all the knowledge about each aspect of Vastu Shastra and its application on how to build residential, commercial, industrial, or governmental establishments. Moreover, it also covers
many practical aspects like the placement of rooms, color schemes, and bedroom layouts, which will
help you in designing your rooms more effectively.
2. Bruhat Vastu Ratnabali O Vastu Puja:
This book in the Odia language offers comprehensive information about Vastu sastra, building-
related concepts, and land puja. It has graphics that make it easier to grasp. Additionally, it provides details on how to choose the location for building a house, the auspicious periods for house puja,and different ceremonies related to it.
3. Gruha Naksha o Vastu Siddhanth:
A description of all the Vastu sastra, guidelines for building houses, and maps are provided in this Gruha Naksha book. By adhering to these rules, one can easily create new construction or change existing construction.
4. Vastu Shastra:
One of the best books for people to follow is the Vastu Sastra book, which is based on ancient
teachings. It serves as a blueprint for constructing new buildings and remodeling existing ones by using Vastu rules. By using the advice in this book, one can succeed with ease in businesses such as offices, stores, restaurants, and hotels.
5. Gruha Nirmanare Vastu o Sampurna Dosha Nirakarana:
The book includes Bastu's formula for the construction of any type of house, such as a house, a
shop, a house, a hotel, a school, a hospital, a factory, an apartment, and so on. It will help you, who
are facing problems in the construction of houses, to calculate the size of your house and determine whether the place is suitable for you. The book reveals to you all the things that are needed by the people who want to build a house.
To achieve success and health, anyone can perform a Vastu puja, a Vastu shanti, or adhere to the Vastu principles when building a home. The five books mentioned above will assist you in obtaining the proper resources and knowledge, which are all that are required. These publications will provide
you with all the tools you need, regardless of your level of expertise or experience, to successfully complete your Vastu pujas and, as a result, become happier, more successful people.

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