Variety of Sambalpuri Handloom Sarees that you will surely love it
Sambalpuri sarees are one of the most divine fashion wear for women. Every feature of these sarees is beautiful, with almost all types of materials used in creating them. These saris have become quite popular among Indian ladies because they are produced by the skilled artisans of West Odisha and other
parts of India, who follow traditional methods in creating these sarees. Small towns such as Bargarh,Sambalpur, and Boudh have been contributing to make them more unique as compared to other sarees available in the market today.
The Sambalpuri handloom sarees are known for their intricate designs, and rich tradition and are very popular with your Indian bride-to-be. These sarees belong to the land of Goddess Samalei (Sambalpur District), signifying vigorous tenderness. These sarees are more valuable than other machine-made garments because they are handwoven. There are many styles of Sambalpuri sarees. The most popular are the Pasapalli, the Bomkai, the Patli,
and the Nabakothi Lankesh, all made from heavy cotton cloth. There are also tribal-themed sarees, Bichitrapuri style, and others, each with its own unique identity.
1. Pasapalli Sarees:
The name Pasapali is derived from the sari, and its origin is the fact that these saris have intricate check patterns of contrasting colors that resemble the chess board. The name itself suggests that it is used in gambling games. Traditional Sambalpuri handloom sarees adorned in traditional chess block and stripe patterns are loved by Indian women across the world, who adore wearing them on different occasions.
2. Bomkai Sarees:
The Bomkai sari is made from the finest cloth and woven in the villages of the Ganjam district of Odisha. This traditional sari is well known for its purity and beauty. These sarees are suitable for parties, festivals, and events like engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, Bollywood parties, and so on.
3. Patli Sarees:
The Patli saree is the most beautiful piece of Indian fashion there is. It is a part of our culture and tradition, which dates back thousands of years. These sarees are made in the villages of Sonepur and Barpali of Odisha. Patli's design is unique for the region. The designs are executed through handspun yarns, hand knitted in thread-based work with beautiful colors, traditional techniques, and thread jewelry.
4. Nabakothi Sarees:
There are nine various motifs on the body of these sambalpuri handloom sarees, including kaincha (tortoise), chakra (influenced by the Konark wheel), phula (flower), shankha (conch shell), and many more. These nine auspicious symbol motifs are arranged in nine quadrangles called kothis with mathematical precision so that no two adjacent squares have motifs that are remarkably similar to one another. You can definitely rock in this Sambalpuri handloom saree and look amazing wearing it!

There are numerous factors that make Sambalpuri sarees a valuable asset. They come with different traditional, unique, and cultural appeals and patterns, for sure. Apart from this, these sarees come with a combination of rich artwork and attractive colors. The exquisite use of Zari and Resham gives them a
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