Tribal Jewellery Information
In the early ages, when the tribes were roaming in the wild, women wore tribal jewelry to proclaim their identity. It is said that the tribes used an assortment of ornaments, necklaces, rings, and other accessories to signify their specialties. They adorn their bodies with beads and other materials with motifs depicting animals and warrior figures to show their strength and courage. Since then, tribal jewelry became the beauty of every woman's elegance and bettered her personality. But nowadays these tribal pieces of jewelry are lost and no more in fashion since the other useful objects were introduced with the modernization of society.
In today’s life, many modern women love fashion and beauty but do not know about traditional jewelry.  Here in this blog, we will mention the importance of wearing traditional jewelry by highlighting its history and benefits of it. 
Tribal jewelry is an intrinsic part of tribal culture and holds a prominent position in the lives of tribal people. It is considered an important symbol of their individuality, wealth, and status within the tribe.  Though jewelry has evolved hugely over the years, its customs and traditions are still closely followed by Adivasis, especially by women folk who wear it on festive occasions like marriages, festivals, and so on. Some tribes consider it as an important part of their wedding attire while some others use it for protection to ward off evil spirits or for aesthetic appeal. This jewelry usually comes in Brass or Dhokra Materials.
How Dhokra Jewelry is made?
Dhokra Jewelry is an ancient craft that has been practised by its artisans for generations. Craftsmen involved in the making of Dhokra jewelry rely on raw materials like wax, firewood, resin and riverbed clay, which are at their immediate disposal. The finished pieces are often used as decorative items in temples and palaces throughout India. This contemporary style of dhokra, where one can see the raw power of nature being reflected in the work.
Tribal jewelry was worn not only as a status symbol but also as a sign of identity. There would be definite artwork on the jewelry which represented nature, animals, and their natural habitat. Besides this, it would also have engravings that represented their social structure like matriarchal society, socio-economic hierarchy, and clan politics, but sadly these pieces have been lost over the years to modern machinery. Women rarely find unique pieces of tribal jewelry today. 
The time has come to revive these old ways. We should bring those designs back into fashion and once again make them wearable in today's world. We can also help the tribal community by buying more of their jewelry since there is not much employment for tribal people in today's world. At Ritikart, we offer a wide range of Tribal Jewelry like Tribal Necklaces, Earrings etc.
So, let us make a comeback to the beautiful pieces of jewelry from our ancient past and make them a part of our modern revival. We think it will help us in reviving the lost art of jewelry making and at the same time spread that common cultural heritage with mankind.

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