Ethnic Foods! Odisha's Delicious Gift for Everyone..
Odisha has some of the most magnificent sights from its natural beauty to its vibrant culture. You might have heard about its varied landscapes and some of the most beautiful natural sites like the Konark Sun Temple, Puri Jagannath Temple, Marine Drive, Chillika Lake, and more, but have you ever tried the authentic food of Odisha? Are you aware of how Odisha dishes are spicy and tasty? The food of Odisha is a combination of both traditional and evolved tastes. From traditional dishes such as dal and curries to spicy and flavorful south Indian dishes, there are a lot of Odia cuisines that are known as some of the tastiest food across India. We will discuss some of Odisha's best ethnic foods in this blog. 
Odia people have a strong affinity for food. The state's religious culture emphasizes it, and the cuisine is simple yet delicious. It uses very little oil, which gives out the flavors of the spices that are sparingly used themselves. The spread is vast and very easy on the palate. 
Ethnic Foods of Odisha: 
Khaja, a traditional sweet made in Puri and other parts of Orissa, owes its origin to the city of Puri and is considered one of the finest in India. It is produced by layering refined wheat flour and sugar into dough and then quickly frying it in oil. This Puri Khaja is presented as an offering in Puri, Orissa's Jagannath Temple. This Puri Khaja is supplied to the customer's location after being purchased straight from Original Nrusingha Sweets close to the Jagannath Temple. It takes special effort to make this Puri Khaja so that it would stay fresh for 10 to 12 days. This crispy, multi-layered Puri Khaja will make you long for your childhood. 
Odisha Badi: 
Badi  is another unique and tasty dish of Odisha that is made from urad dal and eaten by frying or roasting it. It is served as the main ingredient in various dishes like Badi Chura, Ghanta Tarkari (Mix Curry), saga, etc that can make your meal complete. The crispiness and flavor of Badi taste is somethingdifferent that set it apart from other foods in its category and are often exclusive to Odisha. 
Arisa Pitha:
Arisa Pitha is a popular Odia snack, especially loved by children. It’s one of the oldest cakes known in the Indian subcontinent and has been popular ever since people have come up with a unique recipe for it. The traditional way of making this dessert is preparing dough with a batter of rice, Jaggery, and jaggery water. Then, using your hands, flatten the dough and spread sesame seeds on top. Once it is done you can fry it till golden brown. And the best thing is that these crispy snacks can be stored in a container for up to 5 - 6 months. 
Odisha Special Ambula: 
Ambula is a very popular ingredient from Odisha. It is known as dried raw mango and is prepared in many households during summer. Many dishes like Ambula Rai, Ambula Fish Curry, Ambula Khata, and more are prepared with this special ingredient.
Kora Khai: 
Korakhai is another traditional Odia food made out of puffed paddy, ghee, jaggery, and coconut.  It has a unique taste and an amazing mouth-watering aroma. It is mainly offered as prasad at various famous temples all over India, especially at Lingaraj Temple in Odisha. You must check the crispiness of the kora Khai to achieve the highest quality. 
So these were some of the best ethnic foods of Odisha loved by all people of India. Apart from these, there are also other mouthwatering delicacies that you can try like pakhala, saga bhaja, Dahi bara aloo dum, Kanika, Chenna Jili, and more. 
To conclude, the food of Odisha is a collection of beliefs, tastes, and recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. There are tons of amazing foods to try in Odisha and you can't possibly eat them all in one trip. Next time, if you find yourself in this vibrant state, don't miss out on the chance to try some of these special delicacies-it's a must-try if you are an Odisha Foodie!

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