5 best Dry Foods of Odisha You simply cannot resist !

Odisha’s Dry Foods have their own identities among the Food Lovers across India. Each part of Odisha offers a specific type of food which are unique in its own way in terms of Taste and Preparation Method. Whether it’s a Phula Badi (Sun Dried Paste of Soaked Lentils which got a Flower Shape) from Keonjhar or Korakhai (fried paddy sweetened by jaggery) from Bhubaneswar Lingaraj Temple, you can find everything here in Odisha which is rare in Other parts of the Country.

People here in Odisha are very familiar with these foods (mentioned above). But for the people outside, it good to have a handy information about these foods. Here is a list of 5 best dry foods of Odisha which you must try: -

  1. Puri Khaja: Everyone knows for what reason, Puri is famous for: it’s the almighty Lord Jagannath. Khaja is known to be the dry Bhog of Lord Jagannath. This is a Wheat Flour Pastry prepared in Ghee or Oil.

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  1. Arisa Pitha: This is one traditional dry food which is a Sweet Pancake from Odisha. Earlier, this was generally prepared in Villages during festive season. Soon, this traditional food becomes the household names in the towns and cities.
  1. Berhampur Special Masala Papad: Berhampur in Odisha is known for its Pickles and Papads. This special Masala Papad made from Urad Dal with Sesame seeds. You can have it in roasted or fried form.

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   4. Ambula or Dried Salty Mango: The Ambula is one kind of food made from Mango which can be consumed throughout the year. Different traditional Odia cuisines are prepared by Ambula like Ambula Rai, Ambula Fish CurryAmbula Khata Etc.

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  5. Keonjhar Phula Badi : Phula Badi has been a part of authentic Odisha Cuisine since ages. This is Urad Dal Badi with Sesame Seeds and Spices mix. This is Crunchy and can be eaten with Rice and can also be used as Snacks.

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