Vastu Shastra in Odia by Suryamani Mohapatra

Publisher: Friends Publishers
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  • Vastu Shastra in Odia by Suryamani Mohapatra.
  • About the Book-:
  • This book Vastu Shastra by renowned author Suryamani Mohapatra is about all about Vastu Shastra. This book is basically based upon some facts like how a person lives a happy and successful life, how to build a new construction by following the principles and vastu siddhanth. Also it’s very useful as it also describes how a person gets successful in office, Shops, Restaurants and Hotels by following this book. Both the author and we are very hopeful that these priceless learning will definitely contribute towards your successful and prosperous life. This book talks about vastu for house plan and bastu bichar for home
  • Language -: Odia.
  • Author -: Suryamani Mohapatra.
  • Type -: Astrology.
  • SKU Number -:FRI1040.
  • ISBN-:81-7401-278-8
  • Weight -: 240Grams.
  • Dimension -:14 X 22 X 1 Cms.
  • Number of Pages -: 119.
  • Publisher -: Friends’ Publishers.
  • Binding-: Hard Paper.
  • Publication Year -: 2016 29th Edition.

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