Pink Stone Natraj Statue Showpiece

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  • Title -: Pink Stone Natraj Statue Showpiece.
  • Color -: Multi.
  • Ideal for -: Home, office and Temple.
  • SKU ID -: SumitraS1007.
  • Type -: Religious Idol.
  • Material -: Pink Stone.
  • Design Type -: Pink Stone Natraj Statue Showpiece.
  • What is in the box -: 1 Piece of Pink Stone Natraj Statue Showpiece.
  • Product Dimension -:
    • Height-: 10 Cm.(4 Inch)
  • About the Product – :Nataraj is a Hindu deity who, in one form or another, has been venerated as the dancing form of Lord  Shiva. Nataraj represents the idea of movement, creativity, transformation, and dance. He dances in  front of a golden lotus, which represents the creation of the universe. Shiva's most striking attribute is  his third eye (third eye) piercing through his forehead meaning that he knows everything and sees  everything. The arms are lifted to reach for something probably representing heaven, the earth, and the  underworld, or maybe all three at the same time — if you think about it, this gives him an amazing  amount of power. He represents a synthesis between all that exists and it is this aspect that is perhaps  why people have long sought depictions of him in their homes or businesses as a way to hold on to their  beliefs while facing challenges in their lives. 
  • At our Ritikart online store, we have put together a selection of the most beautiful pink stones Natraj  Statue Showpiece from around the world. This unique statue brings out the beauty of the space and  adds an element of cuteness, with its welcoming vibes and frothy pink colors. Enjoy the unending charm  of sophisticated stone architecture through the use of pink stone Nataraj. Buy Now!

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