Kolatha dali-uses and benefits
Pulses are a staple in our diet and are also referred to as the "treasure of health" because of their many health benefits. In addition to many other nutrients, they serve as an excellent source of proteins and carbohydrates. One such miracle pulse is the black gram, also known as kolatha dal, which is widely used in South India. For vegetarians, black gram is a vital nutritional staple because it has a high proteincontent. The quantity of dietary fiber and additional nutrients like iron, zinc, folate, and magnesium that are present in this pulse is also quite high.Kolatha dal is gaining popularity these days as it is a good natural source of energy and also has a lot of nutritional value. It is known as the perfect food that can be consumed daily, even if you are working out
in the gym all day long. Let us tell you about the benefits of consuming horse gram pulses and their great medicinal properties.
Helps in Weight Loss: Kolatha Dal pulses are rich sources of fiber and protein, which are essential nutrients. In a nutshell, a single serving of horse gram of whole grain contains nearly 2 g of dietary fiber as well as 8 mg of protein. Both nutrients have been shown to benefit weight management by helping
people control their calorie intake, lose excess pounds, and raise energy levels throughout the day.
Builds Immunity: Kolatha dal, which has a high protein and iron content, is one of the best pulse foods
to consume. It is also one of the finest calcium sources when compared to other protein sources.Additionally, the dal contains phosphorus and amino acids, both of which are good for maintaining bone health. The benefits of Kolatha dal powder include relief from asthma, urinary problems, jaundice,
peptic ulcers, pneumonia, and irregular menstruation, to name just a few health conditions. It effectively lowers the body's temperature and expels phlegm.
Enhances Heart Health: For millennia, people have used the plant extract horse gram to treat diseases like cancer and heart disease. Although the precise mechanism of action of horse gram is unknown, it has been demonstrated to lower cholesterol and elevate blood pressure.
Aids in treating iron deficiency: Iron is essential for human health and vitality, but when we don't get enough of it in our diets, our systems can't make enough red blood cells. Weakness and fatigue, two typical signs of a heavy period, may result from this. You can prevent iron deficiency, strengthen your
immune system, and improve your general health by consuming Kolatha Dal, which will increase the amount of blood in your body.
Eliminates Kidney Stones: If you are experiencing kidney stones, it’s important to know that Kolatha dal can help you eliminate them from your body. As a result of its diuretic qualities, which increase urine flow and pressure, kidney stones are more easily broken up and eliminated from the body.
Uses of Kolatha Dal:
You can consume Kolatha seeds boiled, sprouted, as curry, as dal, or even as a complete meal!
Kulthi dal is also commonly roasted before eating it, with spices like cumin seeds or jeera powder added
to give it a nice flavor.
Kolatha dal should be consumed daily as part of our diet to keep us healthy. It is a perfect cereal food as it contains a high amount of proteins, cholesterol-lowering factors, unsaturated fat, and dietary fiber.
Since it has a low carb index, Kolatha dal makes one feel full without leading to obesity. It is very good for people with diabetes, as it has no impact on the blood glucose level. The roasting of this dal makes it loaded with antioxidants that help fight against diseases like cancer and cardiovascular ailments. If you
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