Kansa Bronze Utensils has not lost its charm yet.
Humans have always been inquisitive about their environment, and the food they eat has a significant impact on how they live their lives. Food is what keeps us alive, feeds us, and makes us feel happy. As we all know, plastic has become a part of our lives nowadays, and if we don't change our habits soon, it could cause so many health problems like cancer, heart strokes, hypertension, and diabetes. The awareness to discard plastic is increasing day by day, but unfortunately, there are no healthy alternatives to plastic that help keep our food safe from germs and bacteria. However, one luckily option that you can consider switching over to is Kansa eating ware which was introduced back in 3000 BC in India as per research done.
In the era of advanced technology, Kansa craftwork is still evolving. The artisans are constantly reinventing themselves to make use of modern techniques and tools. But one thing about this craft has remained unchanged: its indescribable charm!
What is Kansa?
Kansa is a super-premium alloy that is made of 78% copper and 22% tin. The Kansa metal is easily malleable in itself, but when heated, it forms a superior finish on processed products such as utensils and those made of brass or bronze. Kansa has a long history that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, and because of its exceptional energy absorption capabilities and positive effects on human health, it has been used by humans for hundreds of years.
Why Kansa Bronze Utensils are required?
Kansa Bronze Pots and Pans are incredibly eco-friendly, as well as non-reactive. It does not react with sour food like curd, lemon, etc., or salt, making it the best metal for cooking. Additionally, bronze is environmentally favorable because it is 90% recyclable.
Advantages of Kansa Bronze Utensils:
  • It enhances memory, lowers inflammation, and supports thyroid equilibrium.
  • It can reduce the acid content of the food and promotes gut and digestive health.
  • It reduces obesity.
  • It helps to reduce stress and increase energy levels.
  • Bronze cookware aids in lowering blood pressure, treating anemia, and enhancing heart health.
  • Kansa can eradicate germs. Even Ayurvedic doctors advocate Kansa due to its superb capacity to help holistic healing, reduce stress, and cleanse the body.
  • It helps in reducing weight. Cleaning Process of Kansa Utensils
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