Hand Sanitizers: One that comes as a Blessing during this COVID Pandemic. Buy branded Sanitizers Online with FLAT 5% OFF !

Hand Sanitizers, after the coronavirus breakout, are sold like anything in India. Whether in Medical shops, departmental stores, online stores everywhere there were a scarcity of hand Sanitizers. The demand was more as compared to the supply. Most of the people, who have not used or seen Sanitizers ever in their life, have started carrying pocket sanitizers with them. The demand was so huge in a country like India, it felt like had it been a new start up company invested a huge amount in Sanitizers production, it would have got its return with profit in just few days..!! The demand was such a huge..

Earlier, some of the big brands like Dettol from Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd, Savlon from ITC and Himalaya were involved in the Sanitizer production. The Sanitizers were only used by some of the sophisticated people. But this pandemic situation gave everybody a lesson to remain always hygiene and clean.

In Bhubaneswar itself, we were facing a big challenge of supply of Hand Sanitizers. This demand-supply gap gives an opportunity for the local players to try their hands in Sanitizer Production and to a great extent, they have been able to hold a strong position in the market. Since, the big brands have realized this changing consumer behaviour and needs, they have also rushed to double their production rates making sure that they don’t loose out of the opportunity.

At Ritikart, we have also realized this need and have stocked some of the Branded Sanitizers and Antiseptic Liquids like Dettol, Savlon, Lifebuoy and Himalaya. Now you can get them by clicking the link : https://bit.ly/39nyTIy.


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