Applique Work of Pipili – the pride of Odisha

In India, there are numerous cultures and traditions. Every place has a distinctive draw. India is a nation that the entire world admires for its handcrafted beauty in every corner. Pipili, a small and beautiful village in eastern India that has a rich culture and is located 29 kilometers from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, is one such place that will undoubtedly charm you. Visitors come here from all across the country to see the magnificent handcrafted applique work. The talented artisans in the village of Pipili use their stitching abilities to create a variety of home décor, including carpets, tablecloths, curtains, wall decor, bedcovers, pillow covers, and much more. They use different kinds of fabric such as cotton, silk, gold paisley, and jute as base materials to create gorgeous applique work. This artwork differs significantly from patchwork and features images of flowers, plants, and animals that are sewn over the fabric. It is done using visible dark and brilliant colors that are more than enough to attract your attention.

The Pipili applique works are also referred to as patching cloth designs and called "Chandua" in the local language. Various items there can be bought from Pipili such as cloth bags, canopies (poles), Hand purses, Chanduas, umbrellas, cushions, lampshades, and much more. The intricate embroidery work designed with the aid of a needle beautifies various products that are worth purchasing by tourists and art lovers.

Today, traditional applique work has become a popular form of decorative art in religious gatherings. Canopies, and Umbrellas, are increasingly found at festivals during the processions of the gods and goddesses. Chandua is used to decorate deities and is also used during festive occasions. At every house where the religious ceremony is being held, people make use of chandua, canopies and umbrellas made with applique work on them. They do this because they want to depict their deities with love and devotion.

The use of applique work has increased manifold from its humble beginnings when only one type of motif was used. The motifs employed in modern Pipili applique work include stylized depictions of nature and wildlife as well as a few mythical beings. The elephant, parrot, peacock, ducks, creepers, trees, flowers, leaves, lotus, and jasmine are some of the more popular variations of these motifs.

Pipili is undoubtedly one of the most preferred tourist destinations among the people of Odisha. It is a must-see location for all of your senses because it is the perfect blend of nature and cultural heritage. It also gives an exotic taste to the beautiful artwork of applique making, which is just extraordinary! Along with the well-known applique technique, you also get to learn about the lively Pipili culture. Customers can delight for numerous reasons because excellent applique work is always available for them to purchase. Therefore, tourism in Pipili is growing as a result of its attractiveness and alluring applique work. So, if you enjoy traveling and want to learn more about this attractive city then, visit this mesmerizing place with your family members and friends. It is a paradise for Art Lovers.

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