Achyutananda Das: The Most Prolific Writer of ‘Panchasakha’

The Panchasakhas are one of the most famous Groups of Poets during 16th Century, who have transformed our Odia Language. They are Vaishnavas by thought. In 1509, Chaitanya came to Odisha with his Baishnaba Message and introduced Chanting as a way to make spiritual connection & taught the importance of Hare Krishna Mantra.

Achyutananda Das, who is believed to be born through special divine intervention from Lord Jagannath.  He is termed as Mahapurusha for his vast knowledge on many subjects such as Spirituality, Yoga, Rituals, Ayurveda and other various science and social regulations.

Apart from that, he has also translated the complex ancient Hindu Sanskrit Scripts into Odia Language. Here are his Collection of Books: Chausathi Patala, Abaada Brahma Samhita, AchyutanandaMaalika, Anantabata Geeta O Mohakalpa,  Asta Gujjari, Bhabisyata Malika, BhabisyataParardha, Rahasa Mala, Gopala Ogala, Kaibarta Gita, BrahmaEkakshyara Gita, Gurjhari Rahasa, Tera Janma Sharana, BrahmaShankuli, Achyutananda Janma Sharana, Braham Birata Yantra OAkara Brahmayantra Basana, Pattamadana, Manmatha Chandrika, Nitya Rahasa to name a few.


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