For a lot of people all over the world, reading is a fantastic hobby. People who don't read as frequently
tend to know less about what's going on in their community or even in other regions of the world. It has
arguably always been one of the best methods to increase your life experience and knowledge. This is
why so many people advise teens to read books during their teenage years because it can help them
become better people by helping them create a character's personality and develop empathy for them.
We'll talk about the top five Odia novels in this blog, which everyone should read.
1. Yajnaseni: This award-winning novel focuses on Draupadi, a character from the epic
Mahabharata. In this novel, Pratibha reveals the broader and more complex facets of Draupadi's
thinking that were hidden by the grand scope of the epic Mahabharata. This excellent book is a
must-read for all those who want to know more about Draupadi, the beloved wife of the
2. Mahisasurara Muhan: Bibhuti Pattnaik has once again made a historical contribution to the field
of Odia literature with his award-winning novel "Mahisasura Muhan," which he has written with
great passion, inspiration, and dedication. It won awards from several literary institutions in
India, including the Central Academy Award. The novel is about the sufferings of common
people, who are exploited and neglected by the government in favor of other political parties.
3. Sesha Tantrikara Sandhanare: Sesa Tantrikara Sandhanare is a remarkable Odia novel that
combines an intriguing historical setting with an engaging plot to deliver a fantastic Odia story.
The author had put a lot of effort and tenderness into writing a promising novel.
4. Annie Ra Roseighara: Annie Ra Roseighara is an inspirational novel that narrates the tales of the
life of protagonist Mananya Das. The book explains how she searches for her roots and
rediscovers herself in the most unexpected way she could have imagined.
5. Aji Ra Dina Mora: Ajira Dina Mora is an autobiography book written by IAS Officer Sri Vijay
Amruta Kulange. This book was originally published in Marathi, and now it has been translated
into the Odia language with the title Aji Ra Dina Mora. In this autobiography, he narrates his
struggles and successes in his life. The author also shares how he managed to break through all
the challenges thrown at him by God and society. He further explains that success in life is never
an accident.

The blog talks about five of the most popular Odia novels, their history, and their importance in modern-
day literature. The Odia novel is still evolving day by day and showing some great outcomes in the line of

literature. It is continuing to grow as a merchant and expanding its horizon. Odia novel is a perfect mode
of expression for every person and helps us know and understand various kinds of ideas. In this world
where people hate and discriminate, Odia's novel will create a better society that is too peaceful. So, let

us read all the famous or not-so-famous novels in Odia. And must share with others among your like-
minded friends, who are supporting the Odia novel.

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